Kisan Shakti Kendra:

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy and will remain so for a longer period of time. About 65 per cent of the Indian population depends on agriculture for their livelihood directly and the remaining population too depends on the same indirectly.

A workable model of agriculture can emerge only by connecting the farming sector to the food processing industry. India can develop only when its villages develop and villages can develop only when the farmers and the rural youth prosper. Farmers and rural youth will prosper when they are empowered with the required knowledge, skill and entrepreneurship and are connected to value addition economic activities.

India's economic security is still dependent on the agriculture sector and the situation is not likely to change in the upcoming future. Even now, agriculture supports more than half of the population as against about 75 per cent during independence.

The economic and social condition of farmers will largely depend upon the intervention of food processing industries in order to transform the farmer's produce to value added products. The viability model of agriculture in India will emerge by linking it to value addition, food processing preservation and establishing a large network of food processing micro and small enterprises in the villages.

The growth of the food processing industry will bring immense benefits to the economy. It will raise agricultural yields, enhance productivity, create employment and raise life standards of a large number of people across the country, especially those in the rural areas.

As we know that a large part of our livelihood depends upon farming, we need to introduce new methods, techniques and devices to promote and prosper our farming sector.

We at APK Perks believe that we pay the doctor to make us better when we should really be paying the farmers who keep us healthy. We hereby give thanks for the food on our tables, the cloths on our back and the FARMERS who make it all possible. It is our small contribution towards their great work which they do for the nation.

We are here to serve our farmers to facilitate them with the best possible services and products on the best lower costs. We are here to protect them from risk and help them a little.

APK Perks is providing a complete range of products involved in farming and agriculture to help our feeders that would enable them to prosper and help them in generating a great economy for our country.

At our APK Kisan Shakti Kendra we are committed to help our feeders by providing them following facilities by our KISAN SHAKTI CARD:

  • Insurance cover to every Kisan Shakti Card Holder
  • Accidental Physical disability insurance cover
  • Discount on medicine Discount on e-auto
  • Discount on LED lights
  • Discounts on organic fertilizers
  • Discount on seeds
  • Discounts on solar pumps
  • Discounts on farming equipment
  • Discounts on GPS tracking devices
  • Discounts on CCTV
  • Discounts on Inverter & Battery
  • Discounts on Water Purifier and many more things & facilities.

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